A very common problem amongst the age group of 18 to 65 years HYPER ACIDITY! Commonly referred as Acidity

I am a Pulse and Constitutional Ayurveda expert. The most of the patients that come to me say yes to this ‘Acidity’ problem. But the alarming part is how casually we take it! The answers I get are “I have it since I remember it” or “It’s been there since so many years” or “whenever I eat out, I have this problem” and many others. Sad part is hardly any patient comes for the treatment of acidity itself until they have developed many other health complications. So let get an Ayurvedic perspective on Hyperacidity

Ayurvedic name– Amlapitta (अमला पित्त) Definition: Causes:·  Consumption of opposite foods E.g.: milk and fruits, yogurt and fish, cooked and uncooked food, milk products and fruits or vegetables, etc.·  Excessive consumption of sour, spicy and pungent foods·  Excessive consumption of alcohol·  Late night eating·  Suppressing hunger 


  • Sour or bitter belching Nausea·  Vomiting of food or sour substance·  Gaseous distention of abdomen·  Abdominal pain·  Improper digestion ·  Irregular appetite ·  Tastelessness or dislike for food·  Tiredness·  Burning sensation in the chest region·  Pricking pain in the chest·  Headache·  Intolerance to sunlightheadache-clipart-izs017427


  • Irregular bowel habits Pricking pain in the shoulder or back or both areas·  Untimely hunger·  Breathlessness on mild exertion ·  Severe thirst·  Mouth ulcer·  Body ache·  Fatigue without any physical stress·  Vertigo·  Darkness in front of eyes·  Trembling sensation in body·  Horripilation·  Loss of strength·  Eruption of boils on Skin . Neuritis (ant moving sensation over the body)/numbness

Ah! Seems so innocent yet so many complications!!! There is more to come

Other diseases: Not so commonly considered fact is that the bile acid metabolism is also disturbed by the innocent hyperacidity which in long-term can cause HYPERCHOLESTEROLEMIA!

Impact on teeth loosening, cavities, abnormal color, abnormal shape

Gastric ulcer Duodenal ulcer Perforation Esophageal regurgitation

Checklist for all health seekers Do you have any of the above given symptoms?

If yes then since how long

What have you done about it?

\Are you already a patient?

Are you having any of the other diseases?

Have you sought medical advice?

This article can go on and on. We will discuss about diet management and home remedies in the next article. Keep reading and keep healthy 🙂


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