Knowing Ayurveda

The Time-Honored Science of Ayurveda is estimated to be as old as mankind. It has been the oldest and powerful tool for good health against various diseases, disorders, epidemics, wars through many centuries. Matching the mankind’s journey through the time, Ayurveda has also suffered many ups and downs. Despite everything, Ayurveda has withstood all kinds of conflicts and today it is one of the most sought after alternative health sciences.


Some of the greatest endowments of Ayurveda upon us are
 Understanding of our body as a miniscule of this universe through the concept of Panchmahabhutas- Aakash (Ether), Vayu (air), Agni (Fire), Jal (Water) and Prithvi (Earth)
 Uncomplicated yet detailed division of body in three humors (i) Vata (ii) Pitta (iii) Kapha
 Simple and comprehensive description of seven body tissues (i) Rasa- plasma (ii) Rakta- blood (iii) Mamsa- muscle tisssue (iv) Meda- fat tissue (v) Asthi- bones (vi) Majja- bone marrow (vii) Shukra- reproductive tissue
 Individualistic approach for every patient in diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of Ayurveda
 Using all the natural and simplest tools of diagnosis (i) Nadi (Pulse) (ii) Mootra (Urine) (iii)Mala (Stool) (iv) Jihva (Tongue) (v) Shabda (Speech) (vi) Sparsha (Touch) (vii)Druk (Vision) (viii) Aakruti (Appearance)
 Nadi pariksha- A unique, non-invasive, scientific, authentic and reliable approach for diagnosis
 Description of herbs, cereals, pulses, fruits & vegetables with their botany, areas of growth, gathering, storage, usage, indications, contra- indications, formulations
 Understanding about time, mode, carrier of administration for various medicines.
 Din Charya (daily regime), Rutu Charya (Seasonal regime) according to diverse regions (tropic, temperate, costal, cold)
 Aahar (food) and vihar (lifestyle) for healthy and unhealthy people
 Matchless Panchkarma treatments with multi-fold benefits (i) Vamana- Emesis (ii) Virechana- Purgation (iii) Basti- Enema (iv) Nasya- Nasal instillations (v) Rakta mokshana- blood letting


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