Skin- The gift-wrap of our body!

In the whole beauty industry across the world, almost everything is about beautiful skin and hair. Fair, glowing, smooth, blemish-acne-freckles-wrinkle-free skin with healthy complexion is everyone’s dream- be it a boy or a girl! For this very simple quest-, we plunge into internet, delve into our kitchen shelves, invest lots of money and explore beauty stores and salons. However, before we do that- let’s arm ourselves with some knowledge-

SKIN- the biggest sensory and sex organ of our body has many functions apart from the obvious beauty part-

  • Regulates body temperature
  • Prevents loss of essential body fluids
  • Protection from toxic substances
  • Shield the body from harmful effects of the sun and radiation
  • Eliminate waste toxic substances with sweat
  • Sensation i.e. transmitting touch information to the brain about external environment
  • Act as the first line of defense for the body and provide immunity
  • Synthesis of an important micro-nutrient- Vitamin D

The point being- when we overload our skins with so many chemicals in form of soaps, face-washes, cosmetics, masks, creams, perfumes- we are not only harassing our gift-wrap but also our important physiological functions!

With so much advancement, researches and development healthy skin should have become an easy commodity. Instead, we are challenged with the complex, confusing requirements-

  • Oil balanceskin
  • Moisture balance
  • Anti-oxidation
  • Hydration balance
  • Sun- protection and tan removal
  • Blemishes- protection
  • Skin whitening
  • Acne-healing
  • Wrinkle elimination
  • Skin firming
  • Cellulite purge

Oh! Then it is different for face, eyes, body, hands and feet!

We hear the ancient tales about the timeless beauty of queens, princesses and numerous women around the world. The beauty that made history, caused wars and is remembered till today! Their skins were not the result of palettes, tubes and bottles. It came from nature and natural potions.

To know how that was possible, make your skin-care simple, tackle your skin problems watch out for our next article!



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