Healthy mind, Clear sense organs and Great therapy- Nasya

Instilling the medicine (herbs or medicinal oil) via nasal passage is known as Nasya in Ayurveda.


Ancient Science of Pulse Diagnosis

The art of assessing the person’s constitution, disorders, tissue imbalances, subtle metabolic occurrences in the body, with the help of radial pulse (most commonly) is known as pulse diagnosis work.

Skin- The gift-wrap of our body!

In the whole beauty industry across the world, almost everything is about beautiful skin and hair. Fair, glowing, smooth, blemish-acne-freckles-wrinkle-free skin with healthy complexion is everyone’s dream- be it a boy or a girl! For this very simple quest-, we plunge into internet, delve into our kitchen shelves, invest lots of money and explore beauty…


Body seems to be such a big place and so much time-consuming when we really start caring about it. Few things which all of like are- 1. Fair and healthy skin 2. Perfect figure 3. Long and shiny hair 4. Healthy teeth and gums 5. Strong and beautiful nails 6. Lustrous and dark-circle free eyes…….

Dincharya- daily routine for good health

KNOWING AYURVEDA “sama dosah samagnis ca sama dhatu mala kriyah prasannatmendriya manah svastha ityabhihiyate”– Sushruta Samhita “Balanced doshas (Vata, pitta, kapha), balanced agni (metabolism), properly formed dhatus (body tissues), proper elimination of malas(waste matter), and blissful state of mind, body and soul define a healthy person” We come across the term “healthy” on daily basis. But generally there is…

MY Precious SKIN!!!

SKIN CARE Winter is the worst season for Skin- flaking, itchiness, pimples, redness, dullness is usual and neglect of daily care can easily lead to habitual dehydration, with sensitive skins and red patches. But it is so difficult to care for skin in winters with chilling cold, numb fingers, freezing water. Keeping these factors in…

Our Precious KNEE JOINT!

Three bones meet to form knee joint: thigh bone,shin bone and kneecap. Your kneecap sits in front of the joint to provide some protection. These Bones are connected to other bones by Four ligaments which act like strong ropes to hold the bones together and keep your knee stable. Any injury to these ligaments lead…

Prevention against Infections!

Modern research shows that gold particles having anti-oxidant property and immunity building properties. This effect of swarna may decrease the frequency of illness in children and helps to grow healthily. It also shows cognitive effect of increase in dhi (intellect), dhriti (restrain) and smriti(memory or recalling capacity). Honey and ghee acts as a vehicle for…