Ancient Science of Pulse Diagnosis

Whenever we think about time honored science- Ayurveda, element that inevitably registers in our mind is “Nadi- Pariksha”- Pulse diagnosis.

Nadi pariksha- A unique, non-invasive, scientific, authentic and reliable approach for diagnosis

Unfortunately, this knowledge is looked upon with doubts and skepticism by many amongst us. For all those people- you should also be skeptical about ECG, EEG, etc. These tests use electrodes and machines to access the electric signal and pulse waves in the body. Nadi Pariksha simply removes the machine part and is the interpretation about or body’s signals by experienced Physician.


Let’s begin with knowing the basics of this science.

What is Nadi Pariksha?

The art of assessing the person’s constitution, disorders, tissue imbalances, subtle metabolic occurrences in the body, with the help of radial pulse (most commonly) is known as pulse diagnosis work.

As we know, the blood pumped by heart, reaches each and every cell of our body via the complex network of arteries in circulatory system. During this process, the pulsations are generated, which is nothing but the communication between every cell of our body. Pulse is the decipher of this cellular communication in the form of movement, rate, rhythm, volume, etc. to let us know the state of our body and mind.

Efficacy of Nadi pariksha:

  • Connote every individual’s prakriti (nature)- Physical constitution in terms of- vata, pitta, kapha, Mental constitution in terms of- satva, rajas, tamas
  • Detect subtle imbalances in body’s metabolism
  • Determine the state of our biological clock and predict the natural changes going to happen in due course
  • Know the state of various organs in the body
  • Indicate every individual’s vikruti (disorders)

Predominantly, this science is used by Ayurveda physicians for diagnosis purpose. But pulse diagnosis is also helpful to every individual in many ways to avoid health problems.

The knowledge of the constitution helps us to know the diet, climate, regional zones, water, etc. suitable and unsuitable for our well-being. Based on this knowledge, we can maintain the healthy state of body by avoiding unsuitable stuff.

The information of Satva, Rajas and Tamas status in our mind helps us to know the root cause of our various positive and negative emotions. Equipped with these facts, we can easily improve our stress levels, overcome negative emotions, cope up well with adversities and live a better life.

This subtle manifestation of universal consciousness pulsating through our constitution, prepares us in advance to overcome the health disasters, likely to fall upon us.

Let us lead ourselves to a generation, where spending on good health than on our health problems becomes everyone’s choice!


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